Thursday, August 13, 2009

Susan Walsh is On The Move!

(this is excerpted from Maureen G Mulvaney's bestselling book: The Women's Millionaire Club)

Susan Walsh

Susan’s Background
As the owner of a hair salon for over 27 years, Susan Walsh has always been an entrepreneur. For the past two decades, Susan has been a force to reckon with in the network marketing industry. She and her husband of 38 years Gary have lived a dream life with their children and grandchildren. Although her story is a happy one, Susan had to overcome several challenges to be the successful businesswoman she is today.

Susan always had a great work ethic, which was instilled in her by her father. Her hard work paid off when she reached a six-figure income at her hair salon. Unfortunately, she created her own personal prison in the process. Susan felt trapped in her position and had no exit plan. She worked over 80 hours a week. She raised two amazing sons and “watched them grow up through a video camera.” Susan’s life was spinning out of control, and she desperately needed a change.

The change happened when Susan’s son proudly announced his acceptance into medical school. Susan was genuinely thrilled, but her heart sank at the same time. She was not prepared to shell out another $5,000 a month. After that moment, Susan was open to any possibility that came along.

Oddly enough, no one had ever presented a network marketing opportunity to Susan. She knew nothing about the concept. One day a customer introduced Susan to the product side of network marketing. He told her she could buy products at wholesale prices and sell them in her salon for retail. She was interested from the start. “I could literally sell in my salon and bring in a bit more income without lots more effort,” she says. She was hooked. To complete the company’s paperwork, she had to drive hundreds of miles but that did not stop her. Susan dived in and earned an extra $5,000 a month within a short time.

Susan Decided to Succeed
One day, Susan received an unexpected call from an anonymous man. He asked how long she had been involved in network marketing and how she was progressing. “I’m buying wholesale and selling retail. I guess everything is going okay,” she responded.

Several days later, the man visited her and shared his story. He opened the door to endless possibilities by teaching Susan about the business side of network marketing and how she could receive a percentage of what other people earned as well. Susan inquisitively said, “You mean I can get a percentage of what other people earn, too? How is that possible?” He said, “If you will be coachable and teachable and follow my lead, I’ll take you where you want to go.”

In all her years with the salon no one had ever offered to help her do anything must less make significant income and change her life at the same time. Without batting an eye, Susan took a chance and accepted him as a mentor. She told him, “I know nothing about this industry! What I bring is a tremendous work ethic and a PhD in People. If you can do something with that, I will be teachable. Mold Me!”

The man immediately put Susan on a personal growth path. When Susan complained that she didn’t have time to read or to work on herself, he taught her how to reshape her life. “Your income growth will never exceed your personal growth,” he informed her. Susan went on a mission to improve and became “hungry for knowledge.” Every day was a new journey for her.

The doors to success did not fling open immediately. Susan made multiple mistakes and frequently called her mentor for help. She did what most new comers do, begged people to join in her business. “I had been like a water hose, hosing them down and drowing them with my products and company. My mentor helped me see It’s not about what I want, it’s about what THEY want. People buy benefits, not products..” Susan says. Still, her willingness to request help enabled her to learn and grow. She kept a positive attitude and reaffirmed her commitment over and over again.

Susan’s Ingredients for Success
Susan’s breaks down her business philosophy into the following eight steps:

1. Discover the WHY
To figure out whether or not you are capable of helping someone, learn WHY they want to join the business. A person’s WHY is their key to success or failure.

2. Be Prepared to Hear No
Susan understands that “no’s” come fast and in all shapes and sizes. The best way to handle a “no” is to bring the person’s attention back to their WHY. Their HOW does not matter.

3. Build a Business Plan
To build a successful business plan, cater each plan to the individual’s needs. Consider the number of hours they are willing to work, their commitment level, and the financial investment they are willing to make. Overall, the business plan should match the person’s WHY. “If you treat this like a business, it will pay you like a business,” Susan says. “If you treat this like a hobby, it is going to cost you money.”

4. Build Belief
Many people enter network marketing with a traditional business mindset. They expect to be told what to do in order to earn a salary. Furthermore, people expect immediate results. “I believe that if you help someone build their three-day story within their first 72 hours, you will help them build belief much quicker,” Susan advises.

5. Move to Action
“Where there is no action, there is no friction. Where there is no friction, there are no results,” Susan says. Show people how to jump-start their business by inspiring action.

6. Get Testimonies
Whenever a new person joins our business, Susan asks them to name people whom they respect. Those ‘difference makers’ in the community can inspire people to change. Whether those respected people are doctors or teachers, each new person needs to model themselves after someone of influence.

7. Follow a Path of Exposure
Immediately go to private businesses, chamber events, and a variety of meetings. Start enrolling people as soon as possible, because momentum is critical in network marketing. Try to sponsor 12 people in the first month, not in the first 12 months.

8. Plug into a System
Each new consultant should follow the company’s system. The step-by-step path repeatedly shows new people how to develop and grow.

Susan’s WHY
Susan has added to her WHY over the years and has stretched her vision in doing so. “If your why is not constantly growing, how can you lead others? If your vision is not bigger than mine, you cannot lead me,” she maintains. Susan is constantly realizing the limitless possibilities in network marketing.

Susan’s Legacy
Susan wants to be recognized as a loving wife and mother. Her most important goal is to keep her husband happy and smiling. Plus she strives to inspire her children, Susan leads by example. In doing so, she has established a supportive environment and has taught her children to make excellent decisions.

Susan’s legacy will also be as a business woman who makes a difference in the world. As a woman who spreads kindness to others, she knows how to pays it forward: “I want to be a pioneer of this new journey.” People all over the world have learned to enjoy life and to recognize their own self worth because of Susan’s influence.