Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mentoring Leaders to Millions-MLM

How often have we heard the saying, "To have what they have, you must know what they know and do what they do."? Since first hearing this old cliche' I have asked myself - and how do we get them to teach us their secrets?!

That is where mentoring comes into the picture. I had alway thought of mentoring as what grown up did to "give" back to underpriviledged children - like "Big Brothers, Big Sisters". I never realized that mentoring is when someone that has hit a certain acheivement level reaches out to others that want to follow in their footsteps. That it is an honor to be both mentor and mentored. Thank god that I finally was shown the truth - it changed my life and that of the rest of my family!

I was lucky enough to get to know an amazing, self-made success story of a woman, Susan Walsh. She has been my mentor for over 2 years, I could not imagine not having her in my life. Her personal mentor is none other than Brad C Hager. I have been mentored by the best of the best.

Brad & Marcia Hager teamed up with Susan & Gary Walsh and a few other strong leaders several years ago and created The Hager Marketing Group. What this group of self made multi-millionaires has accomplished in a very short time is amazing. Let's take a minute to introduce them.

Brad & Marcia have over 37 years combined experience and have earned over $20 million in the network marketing industry. They have trained and helped 10 people become millionaires and/or multi millionaires, and have collectively built downline organizations of over 350,000 people with sales of over a billion dollars.

Brad as the Master Distributor and Director of Field Development, built a nutritional company to $100 million a year with 65,000 distributors within two years, in the late 90s.

Marcia owned her own network marketing for 11 years, where she served as Vice President and was instrumental in growing the company to over 125,000 distributors prior to selling it in the mid 90s.

Brad & Marcia entered CyberWize in May of 2001, where they quickly became the top distributors earning over $150,000 monthly. They built an organization of over 170,000 distributors, which produced hundreds of millions in sales. Brad & Marcia earned over $10 million dollars in personal commissions during the 8 yrs they were there. Ten of their leaders earned over a million dollars, while several earned between two and five million dollars each under their leadership. Brad & Marcia believe in promoting leaders, not maintaining followers. Much of their success is drawn from their focus on leadership. They very much believe in a systems approach to building and sustaining a solid business and provide such systems for their people to succeed.

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There have been many publications and write ups about the Hager’s, here are just a few links of online versions of magazine articles etc.

Millionaire Magazine:
Brad & Marcia are the only network marketers ever featured in Millionaire Magazine, they were featured because of their goal of creating 100 millionaires within their group

Network Marketing Life Styles Magazine:
Brad was featured in NMLS Magazine because of his systems approach to building an mlm business

Book - The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing:
Brad was asked a top income earner in the network marketing industry, to contribute a chapter in this book

Child Haven charitable contributions
Of all of their accomplishments, giving over a quarter of a million dollars to a children’s charity is the one that means the most to the Hager’s. The first year they gave Child Haven (a shelter in Las Vegas, NV for abused children) a personal check for $100,000 and the next year they gave another $150,000.

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