Friday, February 27, 2009

LIfestyle Interview about a Success Story

New Lifestyle Trend: Interview w/The Hager Marketing Group Home Based Business Owner, Chris ParrishRecently, we noticed that more and more average Americans are looking away from the economic situation and toward an alternative to what they have been taught by the “mainstream”. It seems that on average 7,500 new home-based ventures start each day. That is definitely a trend! To find out more about what people see in this type of business, we decided to interview some of these average Americans that attribute a home based business to how they can afford to live The Easy Lifestyle!Recently, Chris Parrish took time out of his leisurely day to talk to us about his home based business. He and his wife, Kelli, have owned and operated a very successful Real Estate business for several years. Chris explains that he and Kelli realized that while at the time the Real Estate market was going well, it was still a good idea to explore business opportunities in another area of the economy to provide additional streams of income. That is when he heard of a company, The Hager Marketing Group. The Hager Marketing Group is a 10 year old financially solid company based in Sarasota Florida. He saw something in The Hager Marketing Group that made sense to him - true residual income. The Hager Marketing Group is in the lucrative health and wellness sector of the economy, thus providing potential income that is independent of the Real Estate market. This is what he had wanted, so he looked further into the The Hager Marketing Group compensation plan, its training /support system and finally the leadership in The Hager Marketing Group at both the corporate level and in the field. “Once those pieces were revealed to us,” Chris explains, “we knew that this is what we had been searching for to add to our existing income streams. From that point on we decided that we were going to take it on strong. What makes this such an incredible opportunity for ordinary people (whether they are business owners or employees) is that The Hager Marketing Group offers the distributor a proven system to obtain both financial & time control. “ The Parrishes now enjoy residual income from the 2 sales teams that they and their upline partners have built. Chris laughs at his good fortune, “other people that had Real Estate income as their only source have been in a very uncomfortable position for quite awhile. We regularly share with them the benefits of “not having all your eggs in one basket”. While other people have to cut back on life’s little pleasures and spend more time working, the Parrishes enjoy unlimited quality time with their children, enjoy private time with each other, and together pursue their passion to help others through bible study outreach programs as well as regularly (and generously) helping groups like SisterCare. “Positioning ourselves for success keeps us in a place where we can help others and enjoy for ourselves the easy lifestyle.”Learn more about Chris Parrish at &