Monday, February 23, 2009

Is it possible for anyone to live the easy lifestyle?

Is it possible for anyone to live "The Easy Lifestyle"?

Whether they admit it or not, most people ask themselves this question. Most think that to live well you must have been born to money, or position. Well that is just not the fact. The examples of those that have been "self made" abound. Even a brief reveiw of the lives of some of these people will reveal some very interesting facts. The way to "Success" however you choose to define it, does have a pattern. And what it takes to make it to your self defined pinnacle may surprise you.

One thing that is almost universally believed by those that have acheived and continue to acheive success, is that first you must have a vision of what it is that you want. That is tougher than it looks at first. It is amazing just how we keep ourselves back and rob ourselves by putting away our dreams and settling for what is "reasonable". Having a dream is the first step. It doesn't matter what that dream is, just that you have it. You can see it clearly. It puts a fire in your belly, you get excited when you think about it. It is specific. For most of us, we have locked up our dreams and buried them away so well that it takes some digging to find them. Well, the best advice anyone can receive is - go find them. "Without a vision a man shall perish" Surround yourself with pictures, books, magazines, movies, people that will help you uncover what is your hearts desire.

One of my mentors, Bradley C. Hager, taught me that you will be the same 5 years from now except for the books you read, the people with whom you associate and what you watch and listen to...let me ask you, what is surrounding you? My dear personal friend, mentor and life coach, Susan Walsh teaches that your vision of what is possible must always be stretched for it to grow. Then she will quickly remind you that it is impossible to stretch your own vision.

So what is the average person to do? Most don't really understand what a mentor is or how to create a vision for their perfect lifestyle. That is what we intend to uncover together. In later posts we will explore the road that others have traveled to enjoy their own "Easy Lifestyle".

Until next time always remember - Life is a Journey and The Journey is the Reward!