Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just When You Thought Your Email Inbox Was Protected From Facebook

Just when you thought your email inbox was protected from Facebook notifications ... I noticed about a week ago that every few days I would receive an email from Facebook and in the subject line it would be "(some friend of mine's name) asked you a question" ... at first I thought it odd but since I was busy and there was only one, I let it go.  Within a few days, I noticed these things coming in almost daily.  It wasn't until today that I took the time to investigate, thus this posting. 

Turns out that there is a whole new feature on Facebook callled "Questions" ... it seems to be a very good idea that could become very interesting. It's not the "Questions" feature that I have an issue with - it's the fact that the default setting is to send you an email message every time anything relating to "Questions" happens. For those of you that have either been coached by me or have taken one of my online courses you already know, for those that haven't - here it is.  To keep your email account neat and tidy as well as to keep your Facebook activity under control (no time wasting junk) I HIGHLY recommend turning off as many, if not all, of the email notifications from Facebook.  This goes for your personal profile as well as your business page, with a few exceptions of course.  Even if you intend to just grow your "likes" also known as "fans" on your business page, your personal profile will grow too - its inevitable. Thus, as your circle of influence grows, so will the number of people doing things that would trigger an email in your inbox.

This one is an easy one to fix: Simply go to your "Account Settings", then to "Notifications". Halfway down the page you'll find the "Questions" section ... uncheck all of the boxes that magically checked themselves.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Save Changes" - Problem Solved!

Until next time, Peace, happiness, laughter and love!