Monday, April 13, 2009

Mental Fitness by Brian Tracy

We all know the old saying, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” Well, there is more to health than just physical health. Mental health, or mental fitness is just as important in the quest to live the easy lifestyle.
Here’s great quick review of Brian Tracy’s Seven Steps to Mental Fitness:

1. Positive Self Talk: 95% of our emotions come from the subconscious chatter within ourselves.. To develop positive self talk we must control our inner dialogue with Affirmations. To be affective, affirmations need to be (a) Personal, “I”; (b) Present tense, as if already exists; (c) positive, always state what you want.

2. Positive Visualization (mental pictures); imaging things to be the way that you want them to be as if they are currently in existence will trigger your reticular activating system (the reticular cortex of the brain) . Practice constructive thinking and feed your mind regularly with these pictures, especially at night and then let your subconscious go to work for you while you sleep.

3. Positive Mental Food: This is a deliberate activity of feeding your mind positive, uplifting books, CDs, programs etc. Constantly ask yourself before watching, listening or reading something, “ How will this help me?”

4. Positive People. Humans tend to have “the chameleon response”, this means we take on the characteristics of those we spend most time with. So put yourself around positive people and avoid negative people. Who do you consider yourself most like? Get around those that you want to be most like.

5. Postive Training and Development: a study of wealthy people showed that they all have many books and programs in their homes on personal development. Do you think they bought these after they became wealthy or used them to get wealthy? Commit to reading something positive or in your field at least 60 minutes every day. Turn your car into a learning environment, use drive time to develop yourself.

6. Postive Health Habits: Energy + Dynamism = Magnetism. Get plenty of good food, clean water, exercise & sleep.

7. Positive Action: all of the above won’t do any good unless you take ACTION. The faster the action the better you feel. A sense of urgency works like a magnet to opportunities.

21 days makes a Habit! Make a checklist of these and set a goal to practice each one for the next 21 days! Enjoy your success along the way!